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What my students say


I leave Vanessa’s class feeling supple and energised, yet amazingly calm. Both my physical and emotional health has been boosted since I started this class. I am naturally anxious and stressed, and in a lot of pain most of the time, but once I’m in ‘yoga’ mode I’m able to switch off and just live in the moment. It’s an hour of 'me’ time, and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.


Juliette, 38


Vanessa is a wonderful yoga instructor. She is attentive, clear, extremely knowledgeable and intuitive. The yoga sessions that she has coordinated for me are appropriate for my needs and she has been flexible in adapting them to my abilities and pain thresholds. She has always been understanding and has inspired a positive and progressive flow of ideas and practice. I think she is fab!


1 - 1 client

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