Why practice Yoga?


Hatha Yoga creates overall body flexibility, suppleness and strength. It tones your muscles, whilst increasing range of motion and mobility. Yoga brings balance to your emotions, helping you focus on ‘the moment’, rather than on your ever-increasing ‘to-do’ list. 


Yoga time is your time, with no interruptions and no demands. If you’re already in good health, regular yoga practise will enhance your general well-being. If, however, you’re permanently frazzled and exhausted like many people trying to juggle work and/or family commitments, if you’re in chronic pain or simply feel ‘off balance’, then practising Yoga will help restore a sense of calm and lift your energy levels. Yoga will teach you how to focus on what’s really important, and help you to cope with whatever life throws at you. After a couple of sessions, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.



But I'm not very flexible!


Harnessing flexibilty is what comes along with practising Yoga - it is by no means the goal of Yoga. Yoga works on many body systems. We build strength, balance, awareness of breath and rather than focus on flexibilty, create space within our joints through gently releasing and working with our bodies - never at odds with them! Be you naturally flexible or not you will benefit hugely from a safe and nuturing practice that allows you to accept and enjoy where you are now with gradual progression.









Hatha Flow yoga


This style of Hatha Flow is a wonderful combination of joint releasing warming exercises transforming into flowing standing asanas with some strong holds. Our muscles learn to release and lengthen whilst gaining strength and stability.


The class then winds down with floor-based postures and some breathing practise followed by the imperative relaxation pose to fully draw the benefits from the practise.