My Yogic path


Since the age of 17 Yoga has played an important part in my life. First helping me to connect to my body and breath, thereby slowing an agitated teenage mind. I quickly realised what a helpful tool this discipline would be to me.

I had much gratitude for my practice when I embarked on a buddhist meditation course. Yoga had brought me pliability  that allowed me to sit comfortably for extended periods of time and skills that helped bring my mind to a place of quiet.

Later in life yoga has helped me find a calm space during intense experiences such as giving birth and bringing up two wonderfully  lively boys.


As the years go by I find my practice has evolved to become more subtle and gentle yet somehow a more powerful and effective portal to a deeper awareness.

I can not imagine life without yoga - or,  I don't think I'd be 'alive' without it!










Hatha Flow yoga


This style of Hatha Flow is a wonderful combination of joint releasing warming exercises transforming into flowing standing asanas with some strong holds. Our muscles learn to release and lengthen whilst gaining strength and stability.


The class then winds down with floor-based postures and some breathing practise followed by the imperative relaxation pose to fully draw the benefits from the practise.