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Vanessa Brooks-Fisher, Yoga teacher and Therapist 
Vanessa was drawn to Yoga 20 years ago, captivated by the feeling of inner peace she experienced whilst practising. As for many, her late teens were a difficult time and she found Yoga really cleared a path for her. 


Today she is still motivated to practise Yoga for the same reasons although her approach has changed. She now values function over form - 'it is more important for a pose to feel right than to look good!' Yoga promotes the intimate connection between mind and body so we can better respect and intuitively listen to our bodies and know how to respond.


Vanessa started her training at the Sivananda Ashram in Kerela, India in 2002 and has been teaching since. She holds a diploma in Yoga therapy and has trained with Sitaram to guide yoga nidra and teach yoga for pregnancy.


Vanessa is fully insured 



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